Life as a Morning



Life as a Morning


If I could live every minute

As if it was

A brilliant gorgeous morning

Calm and oh so peaceful,

Filled with hope and pure potential,

It would be just wonderful.

But what would I learn

How would I grow?

You know what, I don’t know

And because I love this morning,

I’ll give myself a chance

To wish for it in every moment

And leave judgment and lessons behind.

I’ll just be

One with the beauty

As long as I can.


There is something magical and sacred about being present for the sunrise. It fills you with such majesty words do it no justice.

What do you enjoy most about sunrise?


6 thoughts on “Life as a Morning

  1. You can usually find me taking a walk early in the morning during the warmer months. I live in a hilly area and often see the sunrise from afar coming over the horizon. It is just lovely. And if you really watch you can see the sun actually rising. lol I like to see it between trees and branches and watch its progress. Then all at once it is fully up and I am finished with my walk.


  2. “Be one with the beauty” – I love that! Sunrise is too early for me at the moment but I adore winter sunrises with the deep, deep pink that goes all peachy and then morphs into blue. I came to you from Meme, by the way. I just love her blog! 🙂


    • Thank you, I’m glad you stopped by!! Meme does have a great blog! I know what you mean about the gradual change in color, watching that happen is an amazing experience!


  3. You’re so right -if every moment in life was just wonderful, tranquil and full of peace, we probably wouldn’t learn anything. And strangely, we might even become unhappy because of it. The world and all it’s ways is a mystery – we just have to enjoy the sunrise moments while we can. They give us strength for when it’s dark!
    Suzy 😀


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