About Control



About Control


To believe we are in control

Is the greatest fiction ever told.

Reaching for, attempting to hold

Clenched hands around


You’ll find yourself

Holding on to running water,

As is sifts through your hands,

Always moving, present but never contained.


This need to control, this desire to

Manage our lives and what happens in them

Is the greatest source of pain.

When we fail at controlling

The things that flow on around us

Which is inevitable,

Anguish and sadness wash over in waves.


To let go, to give in

To the flowing water

Take each day as it comes,

Is the greatest gift.

When we realize that our

Power lies in how we react,

In the personal effect, not the cause,

Solace can be found.


Control…an interesting concept. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives, yet we always seem to try. I know for me letting go can be a difficult thing because that means admitting and accepting I don’t know what’s going to happen and that is scary. And yet it provides me great freedom when I can.

What helps you let go of control?


What are your thoughts?

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