Within Me



Within Me


I walked through the valley

Through fields of lilies

With my head bent in

Absolute surrender.

I reached the edge,

The pinnacle of all I could take

The fear and anguish

Had become too great

For me to bear.

I let them go,

Dropped them off the nearest cliff,

Walked down into the valley

I fell to my knees

Weeping at the beauty of it all

Combined with the loss,

Of who I thought I was

Of all I thought I lost.

Only to find

The wonder each breath holds

The magic that makes me

Resides in all of you

And lives in every part of this

Divine universe.

I discovered that what I had been

Searching for

Was in me all along.


I needed this reminder today. That who I really am does always exist inside of me even if I don’t always remember.


5 thoughts on “Within Me

  1. I think I/we rediscover ourselves on a regular basis. Each person has a different timetable of discovery.
    Sometimes it can be unpleasant as I want to find the traits or talents I find in others within myself. And get disappointed because they are not there.

    I have never liked the advice or statement: You can be anything you want to be if you really want it.

    That would be nice, but what if you really have no idea what you want? This is where I go down into that valley and just can’t get out.. … no discovery. LOL


    • I completely agree with you that we rediscover ourselves regularly! I think if we are observant we could discover something about ourselves everyday, and I mean physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. Like the universe I think there is a lot more that we don’t know about ourselves than we do. That’s the beauty of life we have all this time to spend discovering all the intricacies and nuances of ourselves. That is of course when we have the energy and motivation to look.

      But that journey of discovery can be frustrating when we want or wish we were/had certain aspects or qualities. Then there’s not knowing what you want and that is probably the most frustrating part, for me at least. Sometimes I find what helps when I don’t know what I want is to figure out what I don’t want. Knowing what I don’t want can be very helpful in helping eventually lead me back to what I do want, even if it takes a while. Of course that advice doesn’t work every day for me, that’s for sure, but when it does it’s great! Thank you so much for your thoughts!


  2. Exquisite….. your inner voice, reflected so beautifully in your words, shines with a balance of gentleness and strength.


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