A Storm That Opened



A Storm That Opened


A change in the weather

Brings heavy waves to the shore.

Dark clouds with booming thunder

Laden with emotion

Rock me about in a flimsy boat

Tearing me apart

Leaving me screaming into a wind

So loud even I can’t hear myself,

For help from anyone.

Battered and broken

I lay at the bottom of the boat

Waiting in misery for the storm

To pass, feeling as though it will never end.

Then I wake with the taste of a strange

Dream still lingering

Suddenly I see a brilliant sunrise

Over completely calm waters

Not even a trace of the storm

Except upon my body.

I walk along the shore discovering

Things I never knew existed

Things washed up by the storm.

I uncover pieces of myself

That without the turbulence

May have remained buried.

That storm which rocked me dry of tears

Has left me renewed and cleansed

Raw and open

Ready for a new beginning.


Sometimes it takes a storm to shake you up and peel away all the layers that have been holding you back. I don’t believe it always HAS to be that way. However sometimes that’s how it is, and it can be helpful it we let it instead of focusing on how awful the storm was. 


What have you discovered after a storm(literal or metaphoric)?


What are your thoughts?

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