Love Our Imperfections



Love Our Imperfections


            I am filled with imperfections

I see them everyday

            When I look in the mirror and see a blemish,

When I lose my keys,

            When I let sadness get the best of me.

While it’s easy to see my own imperfections

            It’s also easy to see the imperfections in others

When someone cuts me off,

            When my friends are too busy to hang out,

When my family doesn’t understand me.


            The thing is, it’s all those things

That really make us perfect.

            To be human is to have imperfections

Those imperfections are what make us beautiful.

            It’s through our imperfections,

Through our perceived failings,

            That we can find our shared humanity.

We can discover compassion

            When we accept our imperfections and the imperfections of others

Wholly and completely with loving-kindness.


I watched a beautifully touching video this morning which inspired this poem. I would highly recommend watching it! We are all imperfect and that is a form of being perfect if we choose to see it that way. Our imperfections make us beautiful if we choose to see it that way. 

What imperfections make you beautiful?



2 thoughts on “Love Our Imperfections

  1. Your post reminds me of an ad I see all the time on TV. (won’t say which ad). But a guy is watching his mate (or a gal is watching her mate) without the other knowing. And the little imperfections appear. And that is what they love about one another.
    The little things we do or the way our nose is or the little freckle or the hair that won’t curl right. Or how our cooking never looks like the recipe picture.

    We/I have spent too much time being self conscious and not enough time enjoying the being I am.


  2. I know that, before the stroke, I cared too much what others thought and not enough of me. I am much better now at know what I need and asking for it. Still, there are, of course, other imperfections.


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