Risk is always involved

When I open myself up.

To be open is to be open

To everything.

It’s easy to think I’ll be open to

Love, joy, understanding

But to be open, is to be open

To everything,

Including sadness, pain, confusion.

And yet to live without risk

Would be a sad, lonely life.

I’m not willing to put away

My heart

To avoid the risk.

But every time

A tear appears in the folds of my heart

Every time

Tears roll uncontrollably down my chin

Every time

It feels like all air escapes me

I wonder if it’s worth it at all.

I question my belief in risk.

Is it better to stay away from the

Possible pain.

But then something always happens,

Some light always shines,

Proving that to be open allows

Wonderful things to happen, allows

Love so great it outshines all else

To fill me up completely.


What happens to when you take a risk?


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