Strands of Light, Energy and Love



Strands of Light, Energy and Love


Imagine a million

Tiny rainbow strings

Of light,

Attached to and flowing

Freely out of every piece of you.

Now imagine that

Every single person

And living thing has these

Very same

Rainbow strings of light

Flowing out of them.


These strings,

These strands of light

Are not stationary,

They flow and move

Even the color shimmers

Through them

They hum and buzz with life

With energy.


As we interact with the world around

Us, our strings touch other strings

Connections are made

Whether we “see” them or not.


These strings have no beginning

No end and

Continue forever.

No matter how far a person

Is you are always connected with

These strings,

These strands of light, of energy

Of love.


Imagine how beautiful

How colorful and vibrant

The planet looks when we see all

Of the beautiful strands

That connect us to each other

And to the planet.


Imagine how beautiful

We are when we tend to

Our hearts and allow

Beautiful, positive radiant

Light, energy and love

To flow through us into

These strands that connect us

To the world around us.


How do you see our connection to each other and the earth?


What are your thoughts?

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