Earth Connection



Earth Connection


Frustrations melt away

Into the earth

As my bare feet sink into the

Dampened soil,

My toes curling into the ground

Knees crushing blades of grass

While my arms and hands dig

And dig,

Moving the earth

To add some color, some beauty.

The sun on my back

Eases any discomfort of late

All anger and sadness

Have no room in this wide open

Space of the outdoors.

They are transformed

By mother nature

As I work with her to create


I am completely in the moment

Time no longer exists

I am connected and zoned

To the energy seeping into me

From all sides

Air, earth, sun

Filling me and squeezing out

All else.

Leaving me whole.


There is something incredibly satisfying about spending time outside especially spending time getting dirty outside, digging. I love being outside as much as possible, but there is something special about gardening. Digging, and planting then tending and watching things grow knowing that I had a hand in that growth is so special. This poem attempts to convey that feeling a bit.

What does nature do for you?


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