So Clear



So Clear

Everything is so clear.

I can see it all unfolding

Before me.

A beautiful perfect flower,

Opening and reveling its truth.

It already is so there is no need

To worry anymore.

Safety is all that exists,

Permeating every action of my being.

Peace coats my soul

Like frosting on a cake

Like clouds on a mountain.

I am here to stay and be

How is not important to know.

Let go and float purposefully through

As life will pull you in all directions,

Some days will seem to never end

Some days will rush on by

Some days you will forget yourself

Some days you will remember and know yourself


Everyday you will be.


Sometimes even in the midst of craziness clarity exists. For no quantifiable, describable reason there is clarity. In those moments I am tempted to think about them and wonder where the clarity came from, why I have it now as opposed to other times. But it can be refreshing to just let the clarity be.

What helps you just be with clarity?


What are your thoughts?

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