Finding Myself



Finding Myself


When I need to find myself

I return to the mountains

To the trees, the rivers.

In my solitude

I remember who I am,

I am awakened

By the quiet noises of the forest

As the wind whispers through

Trees and leaves.

I can feel

My heart begin to flutter

As my spirit soars.

The whole world fades away.

I am left with


I am left with now,

With the natural world

In front of me.

Time doesn’t matter

Nothing else exists

But right now.

It only takes a moment

For the transformation

For the wilderness to take hold

I become wild.

I am alone

Yet not alone.

Loneliness is so far away

When I am in the mountains.


I’ve spent the past few days hiking in the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire and there is just something amazing about spending time in the mountains. Both alone and with hiking buddies, it is a magical, spiritual experience. I absolutely love it. It’s moments like this when it feels like my body has just been made to hike and be in the mountains!


Where do you find yourself?


Return to Vermont



Return to Vermont


                        A winding road

            Leads me back

                                    To a place

                                                I love.

A state whose mountains

            Are like coming home

                                                After being far away,

That wrap me in a warm embrace

            So full of love and joy at my return.

                                     The mountains of Vermont

Are a hushed

                        Land of magic and

            A deep motherly love.

All mountains have different

                                    Personalities and Vermont’s

                                                Is a warm grandmotherly presence

            Welcoming you home to relax

And rejuvenate after

                        All the exciting beauty of the world.

            Her beauty is hushed, understated and

Nothing to laugh at.

            She’ll hold you close, and heal your wounds

                                                While forcing you deeper

            Within yourself.

Are you ready?

                                                                        Follow the road.


I am in Vermont visiting family and loving life. There is something incredibly special about Vermont. It’s interesting to me coming back here after having been out west. There is something different about the mountains here, something a little more homey, a little more calm. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heels in love with the mountains out west, but coming to Vermont is something very special.


What are some places you love?

Whispers to Free



Whispers You to Free


I’ll whisper

As I set you free,

Of all your greatness.

I’ll shine my light so all

Can see

The brilliance that you are.

I’ll gently blow until the embers light

And burst you into flame.

Standing by as you engulf the world

And shower it with love.

Cleanse each person

Of their fears

Instilling strength within.

I’ll be the hand that lifts you up

I’ll work behind the scenes

Refresh you when you’ve had enough

Fill you in between.

Let me be the one who lights you up,

Who whispers you to free.


This could be my spirit, the universe, a higher power talking to me, or me talking to another. It seems to be divinely inspired. So often when I write I have no idea where the words come from, or what really inspired it. This is absolutely one of those cases, where I don’t try to understand.


What would you whisper to someone to set them free??






A gash in the tree line

High up the mountain,

Acres of stumps where

Trees once stood.

A haunting image,

Scars ripped across the landscape

Trees torn from their home

Chopped and stacked

To be shipped far and wide.

But what is left is a

Weeping mother earth,

With an ugly scar scratched

Across her beautiful face,

Marred by human interaction.

Tears mixed with the blood

Of the earth

Ooze down the mountain

A cry for help

In a language understood

Only in stillness

And communion.


While I was in Oregon I saw areas of the forest where there had obviously been clearcutting. It is something I won’t forget, it just absolutely struck me and inspired this poem. It’s such a difficult thing, for me at least, because it is so very sad to see acres where trees have just been cut. It makes me want to hug the earth and heal it.


What do trees mean to you?

Dirt Road



Dirt Road


            I drove down a dirt road today


            All dirt roads

            Lead to great adventures,

            I thought I might see what I could find.


            I happened upon

             A man sitting in a bush,

            With white stripes on his face

            He stared up at the sky


                        It is the way

            Then he disappeared.

            I wandered down a little more

            To see what lay ahead


            I happened upon a woman

            Hanging from a tree

            Swaying in the breeze

            Her eyes were closed in meditation


                        It is the way

            Then she disappeared

            I crept up a bit farther

            To see what there might be


            I happened upon a child

            Floating in a lake

            Being carried by the current

            Playing games with tiny fingers


                        It is the way

            Then it disappeared

            I moved along a tad ahead

            To see where the path would lead


            I happened upon an end

            A wall erected in the road

            A mirror reflected back

            In absolute truth


                        It is the way.


Not sure completely where this came from… It just popped into my head. I mean it was definitely inspired by dirt roads, but beyond that pure soul speak. I do love dirt roads, as often as I can I love to drive or walk down them. I find dirt roads always have something interesting to offer.


What do you find on dirt roads?

Heart Speak



Heart Speak


If a heart could speak

What would it say?

I hear its whispers

In my dreams,

And when I’m walking

Among the trees.

My heart would speak

Of love

And warmth

And a gentle caring

For humanity.

It would speak of joys

Brought on

By brilliant sunsets

And extra long hugs.

It would speak

Of rainbows and the wonders

Of an earth filled

With breathtaking views.

It would speak of silence and

The beauty of stillness.

It would speak of

The magic

Of human connection.

When I sit in

Peace to listen

To the murmurs of my heart

I am

Connected to my deepest self

And faith requires no effort.  


Lately between all the traveling I’ve had a little bit of down time. In that down time I have had a chance to really listen to my heart. And I tell you I am amazed at all it has to say. 


What does your heart have to say?

Dancing to Delicious



Dancing to Delicious


Feathers twitch and reach in flight

Swirling high down from the sky.

Piano keys drum out a beat,

That reaches out to feet

Tempting out a dance.

Whirling up through legs,

Creeping all the way up to the heart

Infecting the blood,

Reaching every inch of body with

The music.

Making movement essential.

Dancing in the grass,

While the feathers fly around

Sunshine shimmers as I twirl

Warm air settles all around

Lulling me into a delicious state of being.


Dancing is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It is where I feel free, open and connected! Dancing makes life delicious in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how “good” of a dancer you are, dancing lets you be free and silly and have fun!


What makes you feel free?