Growing in Creating


Growing in Creating

I watch my soul

As I begin to grow,

To learn and see the world


The lens of love.

It paints brilliant

Colors while I wander

Across the great expanses.

I lift my heart up to the sky

And ask to be upheld

As I leap

With sheer abandon

To the depths below.

I land with softest feet

Upon a soft and mossy knoll

Where the universe awaits

My coming,

To co-create a world

In which my life makes sense.

To build from broken rubble

A home

For all to dwell

In peace and sweet surrender

To the great mother.

We’ll work in love together

To make that which

Is not yet known

To craft and to create

Wonders never seen

And bring them forth

Into the world to share

With company.

I’ve been feeling so inspired lately to create, it’s a wonderful feeling! There’s such a sense of connectedness to nature and the creating that happens there everyday. So this poem came out of all that feeling of peace and calm that has been washing over me lately!

What inspires you?


What are your thoughts?

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