To be outrageous,

It is time!

Climb fences

And break down walls

Join hands with one another

And laugh in the face of anger.

Dance waving arms,

Throwing love around

Like a rainbow beach ball.

Catch a smile on the wind

And toss it back around.

Eat ice cream for dinner

Squish bare toes in mud puddles

And hug every tree you see.

Give up on indecision

Let loose and fly

Around the globe

Just to chase the sunrise.

Witness miracles everyday

As you inhale each breath.

Let your soul shine

Through your eyes, your smile,

So brightly heads always turn to see

How the sun is shining from the earth.

It’s time to be outrageous

Spontaneous, silly

And filled with love and joy

That pours forth to coat the earth.


Sometimes after all the crap we go through you just have a great day, or great many days. And all the crap melts away and all that is left is pure joy. That’s what it’s all about finding that joy and going after it, finding that love and reaching out for it with both arms wide open.


What outrageous things do you want to do?


What are your thoughts?

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