The Tears



The Tears


As the clouds rip open

Dousing the earth

In torrential rains,

Emotions burst from

The depths of my soul

To wipe me out

With the intensity.


The tears

Of joy so happy I could burst

With love and joy,

Flow freely down a face

Glowing in the evening light

Light shining from within.


The tears

Of despair

So despondent I could crumble

Down into nothing

From the sheer sadness of it all.


The tears

Of anguish

Of frustration so

Aggravating I could explode

In pieces of anger.


The tears

Of gratitude

So tender I could melt

In the warmth and love of it.


The tears

Come with every emotion

My very own personal


To shake up and cleanse

My very soul.


So, I am what you would call a crier. I cry at just about everything. A beautiful sunset, a sweet commercial on TV, a very sad event. It’s something I really love about myself, there is something extremely cathartic about a good cry. Crying is what inspired this poem.

How do you feel about crying?


2 thoughts on “The Tears

  1. That’s an excellent poem! So well describes those moments when we just have to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by emotion – like a flood!

    Yes, I’m quite comfortable with crying. I wouldn’t say I cry a lot, but I can easily be drawn to connect with an emotional aspect in a film, book, or a song – sometimes just a piece of stunning music is enough or an old photograph (not even of my own family.) I think crying is essential, it’s an emotional tap, it all needs releasing from time to time!
    Suzy 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it. I so frequently feel overwhelmed by emotions that writing about it and crying are the best ways to release all of it. I agree with you that crying is essential! I always hope that my openness with crying will allow the people in my life to feel open enough to cry and let out their emotions as well, because I think it’s so beneficial.



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