Dancing to Delicious



Dancing to Delicious


Feathers twitch and reach in flight

Swirling high down from the sky.

Piano keys drum out a beat,

That reaches out to feet

Tempting out a dance.

Whirling up through legs,

Creeping all the way up to the heart

Infecting the blood,

Reaching every inch of body with

The music.

Making movement essential.

Dancing in the grass,

While the feathers fly around

Sunshine shimmers as I twirl

Warm air settles all around

Lulling me into a delicious state of being.


Dancing is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It is where I feel free, open and connected! Dancing makes life delicious in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how “good” of a dancer you are, dancing lets you be free and silly and have fun!


What makes you feel free?



What are your thoughts?

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