Heart Speak



Heart Speak


If a heart could speak

What would it say?

I hear its whispers

In my dreams,

And when I’m walking

Among the trees.

My heart would speak

Of love

And warmth

And a gentle caring

For humanity.

It would speak of joys

Brought on

By brilliant sunsets

And extra long hugs.

It would speak

Of rainbows and the wonders

Of an earth filled

With breathtaking views.

It would speak of silence and

The beauty of stillness.

It would speak of

The magic

Of human connection.

When I sit in

Peace to listen

To the murmurs of my heart

I am

Connected to my deepest self

And faith requires no effort.  


Lately between all the traveling I’ve had a little bit of down time. In that down time I have had a chance to really listen to my heart. And I tell you I am amazed at all it has to say. 


What does your heart have to say?


What are your thoughts?

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