Dirt Road



Dirt Road


            I drove down a dirt road today


            All dirt roads

            Lead to great adventures,

            I thought I might see what I could find.


            I happened upon

             A man sitting in a bush,

            With white stripes on his face

            He stared up at the sky


                        It is the way

            Then he disappeared.

            I wandered down a little more

            To see what lay ahead


            I happened upon a woman

            Hanging from a tree

            Swaying in the breeze

            Her eyes were closed in meditation


                        It is the way

            Then she disappeared

            I crept up a bit farther

            To see what there might be


            I happened upon a child

            Floating in a lake

            Being carried by the current

            Playing games with tiny fingers


                        It is the way

            Then it disappeared

            I moved along a tad ahead

            To see where the path would lead


            I happened upon an end

            A wall erected in the road

            A mirror reflected back

            In absolute truth


                        It is the way.


Not sure completely where this came from… It just popped into my head. I mean it was definitely inspired by dirt roads, but beyond that pure soul speak. I do love dirt roads, as often as I can I love to drive or walk down them. I find dirt roads always have something interesting to offer.


What do you find on dirt roads?


2 thoughts on “Dirt Road

  1. I grew up on dirt roads. They held most of my life.
    Not sure that the paved ones now are better…I keep realizing that I choose the road and dirt or paved isn’t as important as the “why” I chose.


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