Whispers to Free



Whispers You to Free


I’ll whisper

As I set you free,

Of all your greatness.

I’ll shine my light so all

Can see

The brilliance that you are.

I’ll gently blow until the embers light

And burst you into flame.

Standing by as you engulf the world

And shower it with love.

Cleanse each person

Of their fears

Instilling strength within.

I’ll be the hand that lifts you up

I’ll work behind the scenes

Refresh you when you’ve had enough

Fill you in between.

Let me be the one who lights you up,

Who whispers you to free.


This could be my spirit, the universe, a higher power talking to me, or me talking to another. It seems to be divinely inspired. So often when I write I have no idea where the words come from, or what really inspired it. This is absolutely one of those cases, where I don’t try to understand.


What would you whisper to someone to set them free??


What are your thoughts?

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