Return to Vermont



Return to Vermont


                        A winding road

            Leads me back

                                    To a place

                                                I love.

A state whose mountains

            Are like coming home

                                                After being far away,

That wrap me in a warm embrace

            So full of love and joy at my return.

                                     The mountains of Vermont

Are a hushed

                        Land of magic and

            A deep motherly love.

All mountains have different

                                    Personalities and Vermont’s

                                                Is a warm grandmotherly presence

            Welcoming you home to relax

And rejuvenate after

                        All the exciting beauty of the world.

            Her beauty is hushed, understated and

Nothing to laugh at.

            She’ll hold you close, and heal your wounds

                                                While forcing you deeper

            Within yourself.

Are you ready?

                                                                        Follow the road.


I am in Vermont visiting family and loving life. There is something incredibly special about Vermont. It’s interesting to me coming back here after having been out west. There is something different about the mountains here, something a little more homey, a little more calm. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heels in love with the mountains out west, but coming to Vermont is something very special.


What are some places you love?


What are your thoughts?

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