Finding Myself



Finding Myself


When I need to find myself

I return to the mountains

To the trees, the rivers.

In my solitude

I remember who I am,

I am awakened

By the quiet noises of the forest

As the wind whispers through

Trees and leaves.

I can feel

My heart begin to flutter

As my spirit soars.

The whole world fades away.

I am left with


I am left with now,

With the natural world

In front of me.

Time doesn’t matter

Nothing else exists

But right now.

It only takes a moment

For the transformation

For the wilderness to take hold

I become wild.

I am alone

Yet not alone.

Loneliness is so far away

When I am in the mountains.


I’ve spent the past few days hiking in the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire and there is just something amazing about spending time in the mountains. Both alone and with hiking buddies, it is a magical, spiritual experience. I absolutely love it. It’s moments like this when it feels like my body has just been made to hike and be in the mountains!


Where do you find yourself?


What are your thoughts?

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