Feel Into It



Feel Into It


The best thing to do

When feeling overwhelmed

With any emotion

Is to sit with it,

To feel as deep into

It as you can.

To open that place inside

To really explore the emotion.

It’s slightly terrifying

To open yourself up so much

To feel so much,

 But you’ll be glad you did.

You’ll learn things you never

Knew and come away

With a little more

Clarity than you started with.


I usually give myself very good advice, I don’t always take it. But this is absolutely good advice, when I can sit with an emotion and allow it to happen, allow it to wash over me like a river, I feel so much better. The more time we spend fighting any kind of emotion the longer it persists. If we can surrender, it can move through and we can move on. I know this because it has worked in the past for me, that doesn’t make it any easier particularly with uncomfortable emotions I want to get rid of as quickly as possible but it does help.


What helps you feel your emotions?


What are your thoughts?

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