Made A Change



Made A Change


I woke one day to find

I had so much on my mind

The life I was living

Just wasn’t working,

I had to make a change.

I shifted off the shackles

I felt were binding me.

I spread my wings and

Learned to fly.

I slept under the stars

Dipped toes in mountain lakes

Danced and moved under the watchful eye

Of mountain tops.

I explored hot springs and geysers.

Surrendered to the planet

All that bothered me.

I hiked to reach the summit

And again to come back down.

I met with wise and ancient creatures to learn the secrets

Of their ways.

How will I ever return

To civilization?


Sometimes the scariest choices end up being the best choices. You learn very deeply about trusting yourself and the universe. It’s true that eventually you reach a point where you have to make a change, and in my experience while actually making that choice can be difficult once it’s done a sense of calm settles.

What helps you make the changes you need to make?


What are your thoughts?

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