Street Dancers



Street Dancers

Movement on the pavement

These boys

With much to share

Strength ripples through

Each muscle as it stretches and tightens

To hold a body on one hand.

They twist and shift

Creating sharp angles,

They play this game

The macho game

Who gets the most applause.

Craving the attention of the audience

While living completely

In their own musical world.

Laughing, joking

It’s all about the dance

Pushing to the limits,

Fighting gravity and winning

Remaining threaded to the beat.

Tunnel vision for just the dance,

The head stands,

The aerial twirls,

Singular dancers in total

Support of each other.


Doesn’t matter where I go, I love to see dancers. I especially love street dancers doing any kind of break dancing! I revert to my ten year old self and stand in wonder and amazement watching them dance. It’s absolutely wonderful.

What kind of dancing do you enjoy watching?


What are your thoughts?

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