Know What We Don’t



Know What We Don’t


We stretch and grow

As our lives march toward

Always forward

To our end.

Learning, living, loving

Experiencing what it is

To be a human

On this planet we

Named earth.

With age comes wisdom,

Every year a little more

While every year we discover

How little it is we really know.

What we know grows but

So to does our understanding of all

We don’t.


I find as I get older I feel wiser. I also find that as I get older, and feel wiser I also recognize that the amount that I don’t know vastly outweighs what I do. I become more and more aware of the infinite nature of all I don’t know. With that understanding comes a respect for and reverence for all I don’t know, an acceptance of my own not knowing. 

What do you learn as you get older?


What are your thoughts?

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