Foggy Fear



Foggy Fear




Come in like a morning fog



Up behind

Wrapping, silky tendrils

Around every exposed part.

Trying to gain entry

To slowly tear away

All semblance of confidence

Of self certainty.

Slowly breathing on a naked neck

Bringing goose-bumps

Raising all the little hairs

For they aren’t welcome

Yet here they are,

Scrambling to be noticed,

Little children

Wanting attention all to themselves.

Deep breathing quells

The rising dread

At their return,

Welcome them in

Keep breathing

Sit with them awhile

Show them love.

Eventually the sun will rise,

With the coming of the sun

The fog will burn away

Leaving only clarity.


Fear is universal and it can pop up in unexpected times. I know too well what it feels like, that feeling inspired this poem. Sometimes, writing about it can help me process and move through it. 


What helps you with fear?


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