Life Music



Life Music


Laying on the cold floor

Limbs sprawled

To feel the beating

Of the music.

Tiny micro-movements

Because it’s near impossible

To stay completely still

While music plays.

Music is air for my soul

Essential to life.

Without it I wither, fade away

Become a shadow of a person.

If you were to tap my veins

Music would come pouring out

Tiny notes attached to my very DNA.

I am made to move

To dance

To live inside the music

As it lives in me.

I am made to feel the music

In my very depths

It reaches and pulls me out

Closed eyes, show lids


With movements,

With dancers

And colors and swirling and twirling

Jumping and dipping,

Life is a giant improvisational dance

Every movement

Connects and becomes part of the choreography.

I see everything as a dance

Soundtracks constantly play through my head.


I saw Kenney Chesney in concert last night and the whole time I was choreographing in my head and letting the music fill me up. Thinking about the music, and how much it affects me and how I love it and dancing is what lead to this post.

What do you like most about music?


What are your thoughts?

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