Summer rains to winter storms

I’ll be OK

Fall endings to spring beginnings

I’ll be OK

Smiles to frowns

I’ll be OK

Tears to laughter

I’ll be OK.

I’ve washed away the dirt

That stained

And blocked my soul.

Opened up the windows

Allowed light to shine.


I’ll be OK

The earth will shift

Time will change

My life will come

To an end.

Through it all

I’ll be OK.


Ever had a moment in the midst of huge change when you realized without a doubt that it would all be OK. No idea how that could possibly be, and yet the feeling settles like a blanket refusing to leave. Yup, that’s what I’m talking about here. Had it, wrote it down, now to revel in it’s wonder. 


How do you revel in a feeling?


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