No Final Look



No Final Look


All bitterness forgotten

As she walks away

Sunshine lighting the way

A life lived well

Lies in the shadow behind.

She’s moving towards

An ocean of another life

As the door of this one closes.


To leave this world behind,

She’s done all she ever wanted

Has no regrets.

She’ll fade into the wind

Only footprints left

As proof she once existed.

She goes with grace and honor

To a different plane,

She knows something

Of where she’s going and

Is not a bit afraid.

We wait for her to look back,

One final glance at the world behind

A look of happy secrets

That never comes,

She doesn’t need that final look

The way we do.


This poem was completely inspired by the picture. I went to watch the sunrise at the beach and this was one of the many shots I was able to capture that day. I know there is still more to write about this one in particular so we’ll see where else this photo can take me. For now this is what came.


What would you want to look back and see?


What are your thoughts?

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