Forget Regrets


Forget Regrets

Forget regrets

Let’s live right now

With open hearts

With ready hands.

Each finger grasps another

To pull each other up.

Kindness is the answer,

One you’ll never regret.

It changes worlds one moment at a time,

A smile leads to peace

For the whole world over.

Love is what you will remember

Love you’ll never forget,

The man who held the door

One terrible rainy day,

The woman who shared her taxi

When you were running out of time,

The man who took a moment

And looked you in the eye

When you felt invisible,

These are the moments

That make up our lives.

Forget regrets

Live kindness now,

Live love now,

Live now.

Because tomorrow isn’t

Here yet

And it’s never guaranteed.

This poem was inspired after I read a fabulous commencement speech  by George Saunders about kindness. It is truly a wonderful speech that I highly recommend.

When were you on the receiving end of kindness?


What are your thoughts?

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