Running From the Night



Running From the Night


I walk towards the setting sun

Following the warmth

To the ends of the earth

Never wanting night,

Yearning to always be one step

Ahead of the darkness

A master of escape.

It wears me over time,

My feet grow tired,

My limbs

Slow down.

The constant race for sun

Can only go on for so long.

I fall

Exhausted to the ground,

Grass my bed,

No roof over my head

As night descends

Gently creeps from behind

As I watch the sun set

For the first time.

Terror grabs my hand

Attempts to pull me to my feet

To escape this unknown darkness

It grips my head, turns my stomach in knots.

I close my eyes in fear

When curiosity gets the best of me

I open my eyes

I’m greeted with a night sky dotted with

A million stars.

The silence and brilliance

Of the night wrap me up

In a cool embrace.

Like a burst bubble

Terror and fear disappear.

I’ll no longer fear the night.

I welcome the darkness

As much as the coming day.

I’ll find the lessons,

Create my joy

Even in the darkness

That was once unknown.


If we spend our lives running in fear from things that are unknown, we’ll never experience the miracle of discovery. We never know what might happen, but if we don’t explore, don’t try, we’ll be living a life in black and white – not really living at all.

What are you running from?


What are your thoughts?

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