Beyond the Polish



Beyond the Polish


They walk the streets,

Head held high

Staring with determination

At any who pass their gaze,

Pressed and polished,

With purpose to their next appointment.

Frozen in their resolve

A photo reveals

Underneath that amour

Behind their steeled eyes

Is more than what appears.


We are all frauds,

Putting on masks to show the world

Fearing our own

Humanity, our frailty

And our power.

Beneath the exterior

We are all crazed and frenzied with

Mismatched clothes and scattered hair

Dirt stains permanently smeared into the skin of our feet.

We are all joyously imperfect and unpolished.

We fear ourselves more than anything

So we paint and clean and change

To forget our own failings.


What if we were to celebrate our flaws

Honor our failings and let loose

From the civilized bindings

We created for ourselves?

What if we were free to be

Exactly as we are?


If we all took off our masks, let our true selves shine through the world would be a better place. If we could stop being afraid of our failings, our imperfections we all could truly fly and be happy. Sometimes I think we are all afraid if we show our failings to the world our worlds would end. Really it would allow us to be free to make the mistakes we need in order to learn and grow.


What masks do you wear?


What are your thoughts?

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