Broken Love



Broken Love


Spotlight on a broken love

Shattered on an empty stage

Lonely and alone

A heart fragmented

Strewn by the wind across the ground.

It was so real

So true

So all encompassing and wonderful

Until it wasn’t anymore.

It filled the world

Only now to lie

Gasping for breath on a

Cold hard floor.

Energy gone – completely spent

A candle snuffed before it

Burned itself out completely.

Lucky for love

It will crawl off into the darkness

Step out of the spotlight

Lick its wounds

Taking great care to heal

Until all that remains

Are the scars.

The permanent lines

Will fade over time but

Will live on

A forever reminder

Of the pain, the break

The shredding of a love, a heart,

A forever reminder

Of the love that once existed

Its joys and connection.

A break only exists

When there is something to be broken.

Love knows

It’s always better to

Have been broken

Then never have existed.


Do you think it is better to have a heart that’s been broken or never have loved?


What are your thoughts?

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