Black and White



Black and White


You see everything as

Black and white

Sharp lines and

Permanent solutions,

Paths that run

In straight lines

To predetermined futures

Made of priorities set in stone.

I understand the safety

That perspective provides,

The feeling of things making sense

Things being in control.

To only ever see in black and white

Means missing out on a whole

World of breath-taking colors..

No matter how hard we try

The path of life is never straight

To only see one road

Is limiting,

Why on earth would any one

Want to limit their experience

On this planet?

Why walk a straight road

When you could twist and turn and follow

A river?

Why look through blinders

When there’s huge expanses to see?

Why walk

When flight is available?

Fear, comfort, contentment at the way things are.

All understandable,

But not for me,

I’ll create a path where none existed

One that twists and winds

Circles back on itself

But I know with a trust deeper than the ocean

That it will bring me where I need to be

It will bring me home

To my heart

To myself

To my very own joy.



Everyone has different ways of viewing the world, different priorities. I think the most important thing is to realize that and allow people their views without judging them for it. Not always an easy thing! I tend to be very open in my views and make a concerted effort not to judge people that have different view from me. That gets tough when I’m dealing with people that are so rigid in their thinking, but I try and that’s what counts right? Even when I don’t agree with people I try to send them loving kindness anyway.


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