Out of the Depths



Out of the Depths


Out of the depths

Walks hand in hand

With fear

Clarity and peace.

Fused together

By bounds of experience

Created to be viewed

Moving towards the surface

Where we can see.

Bear witness to the figures

Rolling from the darkness

Towards another tomorrow.

Watch them as they move

Learn the movements

Discover what they’re all about.

These foreign and unknown

Emotions growing deep inside

Shifting, changing, moving

Becoming something new

As each moment passes.

My charge is to discover,

View without judgment

The emotions, I’ve thought

So long were me.

Learn all I can, until I can’t learn anymore,

The nuances of the emotions,

So I can be free of their control

Released from attachment the emotions

That help create and perpetuate the stories

Shaping my human life.

It’s time to change the stories,

Move into ones I love.


At some point I realized that emotions rarely come in one at a time, more often then not they come grouped together. Frequently not making sense, two opposing emotions present at the same time. The beauty, even in the uncomfortable emotions, is discovering what they are and how they feel and as much as possible. The more I can learn about my emotions the less control they have over me.


When do you find your emotions control you?


What are your thoughts?

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