Speeding Across the Bay



Speeding Across the Bay


Crystal clear blue skies


Rolling blue waters


Speeding across the bay.

Arms spread wide

Wind whipping all around

Standing, stretching up on tip toe

To feel completely

What it is to fly.

Letting go, peeling one finger

At a time off the rails

To feel the speed

As the boat rides faster and faster

Through the waves.

Hands reaching out in opposite directions

Pulling me up and out to full

Extension, expansion,

Standing on the bow

Only the very tips of toes

Keeping me on the boat

Face turned towards the sky

Eyes closed

Completely immersed in the feeling

Of soaring

Of letting absolutely everything else


Being completely and wholly present to

The motion

The speed

The wind

And my place in it.


I was out on a boat this past weekend. I love being in all kinds of boats – sailboats, speedboats, cruise ships, kayaks, canoes. Each boat offers something different. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be out on the water, whether speeding along or being one with the water and slowly paddling.

How do you like to enjoy water?


What are your thoughts?

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