More Than Memories



More Than Memories


Sometimes the joy filled

Memories of yesterdays gone by

Are more than enough

To satisfy,

But the days do come when

We need a little more

To help to

Push us out the door.

Those days when the

Dark grey, blue clouds

Look ominous and frightening

Rather than exhilarating,

Are times for a joy greater than

That created and stored in our memories.


Those days,

They call for birds

And things of flight

To help us gain

A greater sight.

To lift us up

High off the ground

So we can see

All around,

The things we thought

Were in our way

Which turned out to be

No more

Than little mounds of clay.

Molded and disguised

To trick our easily

Deceived eyes. 


Memories are great! It can be wonderful to reminisce about the past when you are feeling down, but it’s important to find things in the present that can make you feel better too. A good combination is what’s needed!


What memories do you like to recall?


What are your thoughts?

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