A Crazy Moment



A Crazy Moment


It’s a moment

That I’m having,

Of momentary insanity.

My brain feels like it could

Fly away

With all the thoughts

All the emotions

Rattling around.

When settling down is

Extremely difficult.

Even when I am not thinking

It feels like thoughts are still

Rumbling around.

When my body feels like

It is moving even when I’m

Standing completely still.

Not a very comfortable moment

If I’m being honest.

I imagine

Scratching and clawing my way

Out of my own skin

Just to seek relief

In being free of this body

That in this moment feels like a prison

For a mind that is a prison

All of its own.


I think everyone has these kind of moments, where we feel crazy. Sometimes we just have to breathe into them and accept that sometimes we feel crazy. That there’s nothing wrong with us for feeling discombobulated and a bit crazy it’s normal.


What makes you feel crazy?


What are your thoughts?

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