Love Sneaks



Love Sneaks


It can sneak up on you

This feeling

Of love.

Its warmth spreads

Like a slow burning flame

Almost unnoticeable

Until you’re filled with it completely.

It’s so comfortable

As it engulfs you,

Takes you under its spell.

As time goes

Love grows.

The people in your life

Become more and more important.

It seems as though one day

You look at someone

And it hits you like a wave

How much love there

Is inside you

For that person.

It will seem like it came

Out of nowhere

But really

It built up slowly

While you weren’t looking.


Love is such an interesting emotion. You can feel it for so many people, yourself included. Sometimes you begin to love someone without even realizing it.


How did you come to love the people in your life?


What are your thoughts?

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