What’s Within



What’s Within


Giants walk among us

Yet we somehow manage not to see.

Greatness lives within us

Yet we are determined to live small.

We are so busy

Getting ahead

Becoming successful

We forget what success really looks like.

I think it’s made of love

Of smiles, hugs and memories.

Accept the greatness within you

You’ll find love

You’ll have real connections to those around you.

See the giants,

Realize that you too are a giant

In the world

Enlarged by your capacity to love

Even more by your capacity to receive it.


It’s easy to forget what lies not only within each other but within ourselves as well. I find it to be very important to spend time discovering what is within ourselves. It’s also important to realize we don’t know what goes on inside someone else.


When do you take time to discover what’s inside?


What are your thoughts?

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