Beginnings of Hope


Beginnings of Hope




It’s time

The adventure is starting,

I feel it in the shifting winds,

A spark, a rush

Of energy

Initiates the change,

It rolls down off the mountains

Sent from above,

Pregnant with hope and possibility,

The air is alive with excitement.

I’m standing on the edge

Arms open

Soaking up the feeling

Reveling in the moment,

The thrill mixed with fear

Just before the jump.

Beginnings, keep life interesting

And fill me

With inspiration for the future.


Right now I am right in the middle of all kinds of new beginnings so that is providing me with endless inspiration.  I also just moved and don’t have easy access to internet yet so there may be little lags between posts, unfortunately.


What do you enjoy most about new beginnings?


What are your thoughts?

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