Really Not Alone



Really Not Alone


Loneliness travels in packs

As you stand amidst a crowd

Wondering how and where you fit

In this crazy world.

In a room of millions

Each one feels a little bit alone

Separate from the rest


One day the millions

Will open eyes

Really see

The neighbor to the right,

The neighbor to the left

Spend a moment

Looking into each pair of eyes

And in each will see

That same loneliness

Our own vulnerability

Reflected in the very people

We thought were so far removed.

We’ll make the connections

Forsake our loneliness

And build a new world.


Being in New York City, surrounded by so many people somehow manages to make me think about loneliness and how even in a city so big people can feel lonely. Really the amount of people that surround you doesn’t always effect how lonely you may feel. In that feeling we can find common ground and realize we aren’t as alone as we thought.

When do you feel most alone?


What are your thoughts?

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