A heart breaks a little every day

It’s a muscle

As it gets used

It tears a little every time.

Good thing it’s resilient,

The world is filled

With things

Enough to break a heart


Everywhere you look

Are situations that

Bring tears to delicate eyes

Controlled by a sensitive heart.

Not only the sad

But the heartwarming.

A heart can burst from

Pain and sadness

But can also burst

From intense joy, beauty and love.

Luckily for us

Each wound

Each tear

Makes for a stronger heart,

It’s a muscle you know.


I am frequently astounded by the capacity of the heart, of my heart. Not only by my capacity to survive hardship but the ability of my heart to expand in joyful situations. It seems that in either experience the heart is breaking, tearing either from pain or from expanding to hold more and both make for a stronger heart and a better me.

When have you felt your heart break?




What are your thoughts?

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