Joyful to Vulnerable and Back



Joyful to Vulnerable and Back


In our humanity we find common ground.

In our failings and our pain

We find a shared existence.

Vulnerability brings

Us together in ways

Joy never could.

Sharing joy is easy

Risk is not involved

But sharing vulnerability

Is the epitome of risk.

In that risk

We connect to the deepest

Truest pieces of who we are.

In order to truly connect with each other

We must be willing to share


Joy and vulnerability.

As two sides of the same coin

They don’t work

Effectively when separated.

If we stick with it

Go with the flow of life

Walking through experience together

With an open mind and heart

We will walk

Through joy to vulnerability

And back.


Vulnerability has the power to connect people in amazing ways if we can be open to it.


When have you felt connected to others through vulnerability?


What are your thoughts?

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