My Place Is With the Wind


My Place Is With the Wind


My place in the wind

Is front of the line.

Dancing through grasses

Whipping up ferocious seas

Howling down mountain tops

Racing past reddened faces

Shooting over bridges

Whistling around buildings.

My place is with the wind

Covering the world,

Witness to the actions

Privy to secrets

Whispered in the night.

I fly high above

But pay a close watch to the happenings.

I have the power to

Wake the sleeping

Spur on the fearful to rise

I’ll strengthen any fire

Light the world aflame

With beauty and compassion.


I love the wind, it makes me feel like I’m flying even if I’m standing on the ground. There is something special and powerful about the wind.

What do you like about the wind?


What are your thoughts?

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