I Am/not My Story



I Am/Not My Story


Somewhere in my story

I can be found.

In all the birthdays

Scraped knees,

In all the sicknesses,


Somewhere I am.

A sum total of

My experiences

As well as each

Contributing factor.

I am the quilt

And each thread

Knit together.

I am the story

I am the space between.

Divorce me from my story

I am no longer whole,

Sink me exclusively in my story

I drown.

Accept me as a compilation

A complicated mix of

A million parts.

You need not know

Each of the million

Just acknowledge they exist.


Since I have been meeting so many new people in the past two weeks I have been thinking how we are and are not our stories. How our stories are a huge part of who we are and yet we also are so much more than our stories.

What stories make up part of you?


What are your thoughts?

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