Bridge Lights



Bridge Lights


In the early morning

In the hours

When the sun

Hasn’t yet reached its

Place in the sky

The bridge lights

Paint a pretty picture

Against the growing light.

Tiny bright white lights

A huge connect the dots

Set in a backdrop of

Warming yellows, pinks and reds.

Like a million morning stars

Leading us home

Somewhere we’re not exactly sure.

Its view

That touches you

Its beauty reaches the depths of souls.

Magic resides in this

Enormous structure,

Like Christmas all year long

With twinkling lights

Decorating its expanse

The bridge is a welcome sight.


One of my favorite perks of living in Staten Island is the fabulous views of the Verrazano Bridge. I just find bridges to be such amazing and magical things!

What do you think of bridges?


What are your thoughts?

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