Back To Laughter



Back to Laughter


A good belly aching laugh

Is medicine for the soul.

To join with friends

To laugh

With abandon

Releasing freely

Into the feeling of pure joy

Can open cemented hearts.

Laughter melts away our fear

Opens us up

Makes room

For the universe to flow through.

Laughter is one of the keys to joy.

Remember the days

Of rolling on the floor

Clutching your little sides

As a child wholly

Immersed in the hilarity of the moment.

Getting back to joy, to play

To laughter and fun

Brings us

Back to the present moment

In a warm and loving way.

The present is where

True happiness resides

Where peace and calm can be found.


Who doesn’t love to laugh? I mean it’s just a great thing! I have been laughing a lot lately as I get to know my new roommates and as we have adventures. Laughing is such a relief and it brings such joy and makes most situations better!


What was great about the last time you laughed?


What are your thoughts?

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