What’s Here Today



What’s Here Today


I find myself

Walking down the street

Head to the sky

Thinking how lucky I am

Filled with such gratitude

For nothing in particular

But for everything in equal measure.

 In awe at the brilliance of life

At the generosity of strangers

And at my good fortune.

Yet I wonder will it end,

Am I deserving?

I question whether I can take

Another step

Will I make it to the end?

Knowing full well

I will stumble

I will fall,

It all must one day end.

Yet in this moment

I am grateful for where I am

What may come

Tomorrow or the next

Cannot take away

From what is here today.


I love the days when I am just overflowing with gratitude for just about everything. Yet even in those moments I feel doubt trying to creep in. That’s when I look it in the eye and say not today. I breathe and just feel deeply into the gratitude.


When have you felt doubt about the good things?


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