Edge of the Earth


Tell the world

I’m ready for it to begin,

To slip past

Stolid walls

Past the stares of

Heavy expectations

To the edge of the earth

Where I pause for just a moment

Looking back at the,

Cutouts of a life

I never could have survived,

At the bewildered faces staring back.

Toes that straddle

The edge, curling round the ledge

Loosen their grip

As I leap heartfirst

Into the unknown expanse before me.

Only to discover

I know this place, it lives in me, my heart

While remaining unknown and unknowable,

Realizing that I’m not alone

Many have come before

Many follow

We are here together

In it together.


We all get to the edge at some point or another. If we can trust in ourselves and the universe that edge can be a whole lot less scary, it can be liberating.


What does your edge look like?


I also want to take a moment to send out prayers and thoughts to all the families that were affected by 9/11, to remember the lives that were lost.


What are your thoughts?

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