Moving Out of Comfort



Moving Out Of Comfort


I take a few steps

Deep breath

Take a few more

Slow and steady

While my heart beats a little faster

Nervous I might fall

Slip off the thin beam

I’m not sure can actually

Hold my weight.

Well outside

The zone of comfort

My body is on high alert.

When I make it across

Back and forth

Over and over again

Relief floods

With every step planted on firm ground.

Reaching out of my comfort zone

Is scary, slightly terrifying

And exhilarating.

Every fiber of my being

Is on edge

Tingles of energy run

Up and down

Waking me up

Jolting me out of any stupor

Turning off the endless chatter

Of an overly worrisome mind.

It’s good practice to

Step outside

Of the circle of safety and comfort

To widen it and experience

Life in a new

Heart quickening way.


Lately I’ve been learning and doing all kinds of new things that are kind of outside of my comfort zone and I love every minute. It’s such a wonderful feeling to do something that scares me and then know I did it. Even while I’m feeling a bit nervous I’m also incredibly proud of myself for doing it anyway.


What did it feel like for you when you moved outside your comfort zone?


What are your thoughts?

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