Angel Watching



Angel Watching


I hear you crying in the night

As you try to stifle

Every sob

With your head buried

Deep under the bed covers.

I see the sadness in your eyes

As you smile good morning,

I see the heaviness in your step

As you begin your day.

I walk behind you

One hand tender but firm

Upon your shoulder,

Offering love and support

When you are ready to receive.

I long for you to feel my touch

Yet it goes unnoticed

As you shuffle through the day.

The best time is while you sleep

All your cares drift away

You face relaxes, lets go of all the stress.

It’s in those moments,

I whisper to your dreams

Reminding you

This too will pass,

Joy will fill you once again.


It’s a comforting thought-angels watching over me. When I’m lonely or afraid, thinking about angels standing near can help me to feel better.

What do you think about angels?


What are your thoughts?

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